Legally BlonDe (2019)


PHS presented Legally Blonde: The Musical on March 7-10, 2019. 


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical: Briana Gingrich


Outstanding Musical
Outstanding Student Orchestra


Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical: Kayla Ortiz

HERSHEY APOLLO AWARD Opening number representatives:

Abby Kuligowski
Kayla Ortiz

PHS HERSHEY APOLLO AWARD Student Achievement Award Winner:

Brandon Laventure

PHS HERSHEY APOLLO AWARD spirit of theatre award winner:

Molly Troutman

director's notes

Well, I hope you’re ready. If you are expecting to sit back, relax, and just enjoy a show, this isn’t the night for you. #SorryNotSorry. Much like the lesson of Legally Blonde: The Musical, you better not judge this book by its cover. Under all that pink, rockin’ music, Broadway choreography, and witty lines, there’s a heartfelt story with modern day relevance. This is a narrative about a woman who won’t give up on her dreams, who fights for what she knows is right, and is the first in line to work hard to make those dreams come true.

As you’ll see, Legally Blonde’s music is infectious, the book is beyond clever, and the action is literally non-stop. I mean it—there are no stops. Scene transition music doesn’t even exist for this show. But the pace is just one more indicator of Legally Blonde’s deeper meaning. When you truly want to accomplish something, when the fire in your belly is so strong that you can’t and won’t ignore it, when you know that if you give your all you can make a difference, that’s when you are truly living.

This isn’t a show you act; it is a show you live. And together, we’re so proud to live it with you. While the film Legally Blonde was created nearly two decades ago, its theme of female empowerment could not be more relevant today. Hard work, determination, kindness, and the ability to continually grow and evolve—these are the ingredients that lead these Harvard students of Legally Blonde to truly learn. And, it is those same elements that have led our students to handle such a sophisticated piece. They analyzed, studied, experimented, and took very seriously the content in this libretto. Tonight, you’ll see them tackle some heavy subjects with maturity and thoughtfulness.You’ll also see our students tackle original Broadway choreography.

Just as our students play Broadway level music in the pit and tackle insane vocals originally written for Broadway professionals, this year’s production included licensing for the original Jerry Mitchell choreography. We feel honored to be a part of The Original Production pilot group that asked us to try out Broadway choreography with high school students. This incredible opportunity could only be made possible through the tireless efforts of our choreographer Kristin Petrou and the extreme focus of our students. Together, they’ve worked as a team to bring Jerry Mitchell’s syncopated movement to the PHS stage with their own flare and spark. They are officially now and forever bonded as true Delta Nus.

It would be easy to tell say this is Elle’s story, but we know better. Every character who builds Elle’s world is transformed by her passion, energy and drive. She truly changes the lives of everyone around her and chooses to be a force of positivity in the world. The same can be said for the extremely dedicated staff and students of the Palmyra High School Musical. I am honored to live and serve a community with such dedication, who uses their talents to tell important stories like this one, and who gives a voice to the lessons we all need to hear.

Elle would be nothing if it wasn’t for the strength she receives from her fiercely loyal friends, the man who supports her as she reaches for the stars, and the world that grows to celebrate her uniqueness and determination. May we all be so lucky to live in that world. I’m not sure what I ever did to deserve it, but thank you to those who help me live it every day.