Seussical (2014)

Into the Woods Poster

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PHS presented Seussical on March 20-23, 2016. 


  • Outstanding Student Orchestra
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical, Tyler Law
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, Abby Swartz
  • utstanding Dance Number in a Musical, Havin a Hunch

Honorable MentionS

  • Outstanding Supporting Actress, Bree Quinn
  • Outstanding Musical



A child’s imagination can turn pots and pans into the drums of a jungle, hopscotch into a masterful escape route, and fix a world on the brink of despair with just one word. While we foolishly wish these times away as a child, you’d have to look far and wide for an adult who doesn’t long for the simplicity of afternoon naps. Between the pressures of home life and personal ambition, even our children pick up on our exhaustion. Not everyone experiences a carefree childhood, but the promise of each new day brings the opportunity for new games, new experiences, and new discoveries. It’s this continual act of discovery and rediscovery that often sets the divide between the young and the old.

Seussical, at its most basic level, is an interwoven narrative of Dr. Seuss’ famous and not so famous stories. The Cat in the Hat intersects with The Butter Battle. Gertrude McFuzz with her one-feathered tail longs for the attention of Horton the Elephant, who hears the Whos. We even witness a new, kind and gentle Grinch. And while all of these tales are crossing each other, the creators of Seussical have made it even more complicated by setting nearly 95% of the show to continual music. 

No one gets a break in Dr. Seuss’ world. At this point, I’m thoroughly convinced that Theodor Seuss Geisel didn’t believe in breaks. On the outside, Seussical may look like a fun-loving, family show. But under all of those truffula trees, you’ll see a cast that has tackled everything from tap dancing in the dark to memorizing hundreds of measures of harmonies, a pit that plays continuously for nearly two hours, and a crew that expertly choreographs two separate worlds during a production where the lights go out only three times for less than 20 seconds.

As a production staff, we started the season knowing that our students were up for this challenge. As you’ll see, their dedication and talent does not dissapoint. Each and every student and adult involved in this production, from the smallest of small to the tallest of tall, has given their all to this production (even when I threatened to rename it Snowsical!). They have been open to new, creative ideas and hearing each other out. They have dedicated themselves to hours of rehearsals and makeup rehearsals. They have looked to discover all of the wonders of the world through a child’s eyes just as Seussical encourages. I started rehearsal number one by stating one great confession—“I don’t even like Dr. Seuss!” I always thought the rhyming got in the way of the storytelling. Well, I admit it...I’m a Seussician and a total believer. I learned to embrace the skill it takes to create all of those complicated rhymes while illustrating strong narratives with inspiring wisdom. If I can discover a true love and admiration for the stories of Dr. Seuss, well, “Anything’s Possible.”